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Finding the right Residential Aged Care Provider

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right aged care home. We invite you to visit our home and see why others have selected St George Aged Care as the number one choice in aged care. We will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with information to make the right decision.

We can help with the decision making process and answer your questions

Our care model

Our unique care approach is based on social inclusion, respect and maintaining a sense of dignity and wellbeing while delivering the highest quality care
We respect your right to exercise choice and control over services
We deliver a range of care services to meet the needs of our residents
We promote wellbeing and healthy ageing
We continuously aim to improve the quality of our care
We encourage socially inclusive activities
We provide support for families and carers
We keep our
home clean and odourless
We reinvest in our home to ensure our residents are comfortable
Good food is what we love and nutritious food keeps us healthy

We serve comfort food cooked on-site that our residents enjoy and meets their individual dietary requirements and preferences.

The menu is seasonal with daily variety and choice

Features of our Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care

As we age some of us require support and assistance with everyday tasks. Our care services provide support in a safe and comfortable environment. Your personalised care plan is developed and monitored by our clinical care managers. The care is delivered by our team of qualified nurses in conjunction with your GP and other health professionals. Your family can have peace of mind that you are being cared for according to your wishes.

Residential Respite Care

You may require residential respite care which is short-term care provided in an aged care setting. It might be pre-planned to give the regular carer a break or it might be required following an illness, hospital visit or other health issue. You will be fully supported when you come for respite care in our home. Approved care recipients are entitled to 63 days of subsidised respite care each financial year.

Personal Care & Assistance in Daily Living

Our friendly and attentive staff are educated and trained to provide medical treatment and personal assistance with everyday tasks. You can expect to receive help with personal grooming and hygiene, taking your medication as well as other daily life tasks. Having someone to care for you, cook for you and clean for you allows you time to focus on living better. Our person-centred approach to care is aimed at achieving better outcomes for individuals.

Palliative Care

Wouldn't it be more appropriate if at the end of life you could receive palliative care in a comfortable, sensory and spiritual environment. We provide a comfortable setting for the terminally ill resident and privacy for family as they try to manage the emotional distress of losing their loved one.

Lifestyle Activities

Our leisure & lifestyle program is designed to bring people together to enjoy each others company and celebrate cultural diversity and preserve heritage. Residents have fun attending the weekly coffee club, going on bus outings, listening to live musical performances in the courtyard and socialising at the week-end barbecue. Residents are encouraged to participate in physical group exercise. We celebrate each other's national and religious festivals and explore cultural diversity through food and music.

Allied Health Services

We are networked with the best in third party and allied health services, in-house and externally. Co-ordination and management of comprehensive health and wellbeing is often complex and it takes a team to make it happen. Our allied health professionals cover a wide range of services, such as speech therapy, optometry, podiatry, audiology, nutrition, psychology and psychiatry, counselling, physiotherapy, pharmacy, pathology and dental care.

When can I start my care?
  • Once you have successfully completed an Aged Care Assessment you are eligible to receive respite or permanent care services
How much does it cost?
  • The Australian Government pays for most of the costs of your care, however, you will pay a portion of your fees as well as other personal expenses such as medications.
  • The Basic Daily Fee applies to all recipients and covers your daily living costs. The fee is currently set at 85 percent of the full single age pension.
  • A means-tested care fee is your contribution towards the cost of your care and will be determined once you submit your income and asset assessment form to Centrelink. There are annual and lifetime caps in place to limit the amount of the means-tested care fee you can be asked to pay.
  • Accommodation costs, known as a RAD/RAC or DAP/DAC, is specific to the cost of your room. Not everyone is required to pay accommodation costs as they are dependent on your financial situation and level of Government assistance.
  • Additional service fees may apply – ask us about what additional services are available.
View and download Accommodation Pricing
Offer and Acceptance
  • Once we offer you and you accept a place in our home you will be asked to sign a resident agreement. This is a legal document spelling out the services and fees plus your rights and responsibilities.
  • We recommend seeking independent financial advice from a recognised aged care financial planner to help you understand the costs and make the right decision.

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